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These tutorials may help you with using technology in the classroom.(or where you consider it appropriate)



These are my own tutorials on using Microsoft's Picture Manager


This one is on using ZamZar* to convert files.

*There isn't a "program" to download  at ZamZar.(Sorry for the audio quality...I am still learning!)


As you become more involved with sharing online, you will want to be sure that those who see and make use of your work, give you credit. To learn more, watch this short video on Creative Commons Licensing:



YouTube plugin error  



See how to use Clipmarks to capture the best of the web to share, post, blog....


YouTube plugin error


How to set up a delicious account:




YouTube plugin error video by: Fletcher3836


This tutorial is about using a FREE program that will read text in Word to students.

This FREE download is available at WordTalk.


YouTube plugin error video by: KarenJanowski




 How to imbed a video from TeacherTube into your web page:



YouTube plugin error Video by: mathviedosonline


David Jakes has 3 tutorials on TeacherTube on using FlickrStorm.


Part One



YouTube plugin error video by: David Jakes


Part Two


YouTube plugin error Video by: David Jakes


Part Three


YouTube plugin error Video by: David Jakes


How to use Rubistar


YouTube plugin error  Video by: josmith


Using Kid Pix for Animation


YouTube plugin error  video by Suzie Vesper









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